Another Gift of Groundhog Day The book is here, or two-thirds here.  We’re still waiting on the iBook publication, but that could happen any moment.  After some mailing list adventures – can you believe that Earthlink mistook me for a spammer?  Me? – I think pretty much everyone I’ve ever met knows about the book.  But perhaps there are […]


We’ve done it!  The eBook is now ready for its close up, Mister DeRubin.  I hope you like it! Available NOW on Amazon. Available NOW on Barnes and Noble. Available VERY SOON as an iBook. check it out:  


The First Book of Groundhog; Oh Groundhog, My Groundhog; How To Write Groundhog Day…

Naming the movie Groundhog Day was easy.  All I had to do was to choose a day for the character to endlessly repeat from the 366 available (yes, I considered leap year); but once I chose February 2nd the title to the movie somehow, I don’t know, just came to me.  And now I have […]

Happy Groundhog Day!

So, where was I?   Yeah, I don’t remember, either.    Hey, look!  It’s Groundhog Day! No, folks, this isn’t some new dementia – just the same old one.   Not that I forgot to tend the blog-garden; I’ve just had other things on my plate.  Good things.  Don’t worry about me.  But you have my apologies […]

Entrepreneurs of the Animal Kingdom

Unique among the plants and animals – or so we believe – humans are able to concern themselves with life’s meaning.  Over the years many (people) have shared with me the meaning they have found in Groundhog Day.  The most recent example brought to my attention concerns the clock-radio at Phil Connors’ bedside, the radio […]

When a Screenplay Falls in the Forest

As part of the application to my screenwriting course at Harvard I ask the students to ask me a question.  Most of the questions I’ve received are just fine – good indicators of what the student hopes to learn and sometimes what they misunderstand about what screenwriters do.  Yesterday I got this question and it […]