Live, from Punxsutawney!

Hello, Blog. I know it’s been a while.  I’ve had so many real destinations this past year it’s been difficult to prioritize the virtual ones.  Still, just because I don’t write doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, although it might mean that. Much of this year has involved re-living Groundhog Day, this time with […]

Happy Groundhog Day 2014

So hi there.  That’s me coming up out of the ground, and you know what that means? Happy Groundhog Day, everybody! I know what you’re thinking.  “Jeez, is it coming up on February 2nd again? ” Hey, I hear you. “Where did the idea come from?” “How long was Phil in the time loop?” “Did […]

Rubin’s Rubrics of Writing

Last week another list of writing rules popped up, this one in the Sunday NYT ( It turns out I have a list of my own, compiled from other lists and culled by my own experiences.  I’ve been sharing some version of this list with my students ever since I began teaching screenwriting. The comfort […]

The Silent Majority

The advent of The Artist brought to mind an experience I had writing a silent movie feature several years ago for a major movie studio.  Major.  I wrote about it here: Check it out!

The iBook Has Arrived for Valentine’s Day!

For those of you waiting on the release of the iBook, Apple has released the iBook!  Okay, they didn’t make the deadline for Groundhog Day, and  they missed my birthday, but what the heck.  I’ll put a link to the iBook on the How To Write Groundhog Day home page later tonight.  Yeah.  Louise and […]

My Columbia Mug

Here’s me with all of my swag from Columbia back in 1991 or so.  That was the only job I ever had where upon signing my contract they sent me a gift basket.  I still drink coffee out of my Columbia mug.  Personally I think these little gestures make a big difference.

Happy Groundhog Day! Want a guest at your party?

Hi everyone.  Just letting you know that tonight I’ll be hanging out in the twitterverse as @groundhog_guy.  If you and your friends are watching the movie or eating head cheese or whatever it is that you do, invite me in for a bite.  I’ll answer your questions if you want, or I’ll just say hi, […]