Live, from Punxsutawney! February 1st, 2015

Hello, Blog.

I know it’s been a while.  I’ve had so many real destinations this past year it’s been difficult to prioritize the virtual ones.  Still, just because I don’t write doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, although it might mean that.

Much of this year has involved re-living Groundhog Day, this time with a filter set to Broadway.  The musical progresses steadily, and by this time next year, well, by then I’ll know when you’ll be able to see it.  In the meantime just be patient and more than a little bit excited.

And where do I go to keep ME excited about a live rodent predicting the weather?  I go to Punxsutawney, PA, home of the world’s most famous weather-caster.  That’s right, woodchuck chuckers.  They’ve asked me to check out the groundhog before the ceremony and make sure he’s been inflated properly.  Quite an honor.

And maybe it’s a good time to check your own gauges, folks.  Under too much pressure?  Can’t get enough air?  People been kicking you around?  Well, relax this weekend.  Take stock.  Watch a movie (I have a suggestion).  Light a fire and sing something.  Or blow the dust off your own blog just to say “Hi, everybody!”  And have a very happy Groundhog Day.


Comment by Joe
2015-02-03 12:06:16

My two (college-attending) sons and I watched last night the wonderful movie you wrote. It’s become a tradition for us three since ’97 when they lost their mother/my beloved wife. I was in the U.S. Navy then and got out, 11-years in, seven of ’em on sea duty and honorably discharged, to raise them myself as they were just toddlers. It’s the best decision of my life. Your movie is special to us. They know of you — I tell them it is important to know a film’s director and who wrote its screenplay. We bond with all the great twists, turns and funny lines you put in. You should know many people and families probably do the same thing. We’re into movies, especially classics. Glad I got to tell ya this! Hope your day has sunshine in it and take care 🙂

Comment by Danny Rubin
2015-02-03 12:31:13

Wow. Thanks Joe. That’s a really nice note, and awfully generous of you to take the time. This is exactly what makes the holiday continue to be special to me. And teaching your kids to take note of the screenwriter’s name for films they like – even film critics rarely show that kind of attention, even though they obviously should. So thanks again and hope you and your family had another happy groundhog day.

Comment by Joe
2015-02-04 00:36:39

We did, Danny, and thank you very much for that — your movie was a part of it — and thanks for your reply!

Comment by Simon Ã…kesson
2015-06-05 10:49:48

Tribute to Ned Ryerson 🙂

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