Happy Groundhog Day 2014 January 26th, 2014

Me, emerging resolutely, but alertly.

So hi there.  That’s me coming up out of the ground, and you know what that means?

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Jeez, is it coming up on February 2nd again? ”

Hey, I hear you.

“Where did the idea come from?”
“How long was Phil in the time loop?”
“Did you know it was going to be such a hit?”
“Do you think he’ll see his shadow this year?”
“They knock on the stump. They pull the hog out…”

So, you might ask, is it true, the question posed to me this week by the excellent journalist Michael Schulman:

Is Groundhog Day my own personal “Groundhog Day”?

Well, you might think that.  But it’s not true. Not yet, anyway.

First of all, I really enjoy this little holiday, I love the movie, and I love being associated with both.

Besides, for me every year IS different. For instance, last year I went to Punxsutawney for the festivities. This year I’m going to Woodstock, Illinois, where they shot the film, for their festival. See? Different.

Look at it this way. Every year I meet new and interesting people. They always seem happy to see me. They are filled with gratitude, and positive tales, and novel theories, and well-wishes. And best, every well-wish is an annual reminder to me that I was involved in something that touched people and made them a little bit more happy and hopeful. That is a gift, my friends, and I am grateful. That more than anything keeps me from suffering the repetitive loop instead of celebrating it.

So, go ahead and ask your questions, share your tales, and if so inspired feel free to wish me a “Happy Groundhog Day.” To me the salutation is as honest and happy and noble as the best Happy Birthday, the most sincere Merry Christmas, and the most welcoming Welcome from the most alluring receptionist ever.

And have a great week yourselves. Make your spring predictions, stock up on Rocky Road and/or head cheese, and, sincerely, have a very happy Groundhog Day!


Comment by RoadDog
2014-01-31 08:43:04

I am definitely hoping to get to Woodstock to see you Saturday, tomorrow, if the weather is ok. I see that you’re introducing the film at the theatre Saturday. Are you also doing it on Sunday? Definitely want to get to the symposium. //// One of the best movies ever. Thanks.

Comment by Elizabeth Rye
2014-02-01 19:45:26

Thanks for coming to Woodstock today. I come each year to the theater to see your play and this year there was the bonus of talking to you. I had had questions about how this story came about and most were answered. Thanks for coming to this little town and giving of your time. It was appriciated.

Comment by Paul Lockwood
2014-02-01 20:04:41

Danny, your symposium this afternoon was very interesting and entertaining. Thanks for giving our standing-room-only crowd in Woodstock (IL) a look into the mind of the creator of the movie that we celebrate each year. As a fellow Northwestern alum, I thought it was great to have the chance to pose a couple of questions and hear the Qs of other fans. If you’re ever in touch with Bill (Murray) or Harold (Ramis), let them know that our picturesque community would love to host either or both of them one of these years during our Groundhog Day festivities. Thanks again for coming!

Comment by Rick Bellairs
2014-02-05 11:58:44

Danny – as a member of the Woodstock Groundhog Day Committee I want to thank you for joining us this year. It was clear that a lot of people were very excited to meet you and it certainly appeared that you enjoyed your return visit to Woodstock, IL and your chance to relive our version of Groundhog Day. A few video clips that include you are posted on our website; http://www.WoodstockGroundhog.org Look on the page “In The News”.

Comment by Al Long
2014-02-28 12:27:19

I’ve come to look forward to February. (Or, maybe, dread it less.) Thanks for the movie.

Sorry to seen Harold Ramis has passed away. That will make this February a wistful one.

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