The Silent Majority March 1st, 2012

The advent of The Artist brought to mind an experience I had writing a silent movie feature several years ago for a major movie studio.  Major.  I wrote about it here:

Check it out!

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Comment by Caue Rego
2017-04-24 15:36:05

un cuento chino seems to me as pretty much in this spirit of a “silent movie” you’re trying to bring up. perhaps the point isn’t so much about being silent but way more about using some kind of international communication which even small children could relate to, regardless of language.

which brings us to another “obvious” follow up idea: trying to script something that would connect scenes which would either be silent or contain unrecognizable speech anyway. people trying to communicate through vocal language and failing so having to rely on body language or attitudes.

so much I’d like to talk about, but I feel like anything I say here will sound quite controversial when “brainstorming” for ideas on making a silent movie…

just hope you can do it one day! 🙂

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