The First Book of Groundhog; Oh Groundhog, My Groundhog; How To Write Groundhog Day… August 3rd, 2011

Naming the movie Groundhog Day was easy.  All I had to do was to choose a day for the character to endlessly repeat from the 366 available (yes, I considered leap year); but once I chose February 2nd the title to the movie somehow, I don’t know, just came to me. 

And now I have a new book coming out! 

The title for that book just came to me, too.  But then so did another one, and yet another one.  I asked my friends and family to help me choose from my short list of titles, but you know, when you ask creative people for solutions they don’t choose from a list – they add to it.  And it keeps getting bigger.

Want to check it out?  Kinda entertaining:

(Naming page is closed in anticipation of the eBook launch.)

What is the book about? 

It’s about writing Groundhog Day.  I’ve used the original first draft screenplay – FINALLY available here, folks – as a roadmap to comment on everything from where the idea originated to why scripts in Hollywood are never shot as written, including, quite appropriately, this one.

Along the way I’ve sprinkled plenty of background trivia (Why “I Got You, Babe”?); myth-busting (Where’s the Gypsy curse?); and true tales from crazy Hollywood – such as how I only wrote this script because I was fired from a job at Disney Animation that I had never been hired for.

That kind of thing.

Publication is not far off and none of it will happen until I choose a title. 

I made it so you can vote on your favorite titles, and if you want you can add your own better title ideas because I know you’re thinking of one right now.   Eventually I will use one of them – maybe yours.

Thanks for taking a look. 

Be the groundhog!

(Naming page is closed in anticipation of the eBook launch.)


Comment by Alex
2011-08-20 08:12:34

Excellent! *scoots books over to make room for another*

Comment by Matt
2011-11-02 03:55:12

Delighted to hear that it’s finally happening. Can’t wait.

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