Just a quick visit May 23rd, 2008

On any other blog a reader might assume from the time lapsed since the last entry that the blogger is busy writing or moving or preparing for a new job. On this blog a reader additionally wonders, “You don’t suppose Mr. Rubin is trapped in a repeating day?” I hope all is well.

Once again, Al, you have shamed me back into existence. Well done. And yes, you’ve pretty much pegged it. 1-Working on a screenplay 2-Moving 3-Preparing for the new job.

The screenplay is fun, frustrating, and very very close. Carving out a regular writing schedule has been impossible over the past two months or so. All of this reminds me once again that routine is helpful to my process. The exact routine changes from project to project, but knowing when I’m going to write, or where, or how (by computer or by hand, using this program or that one) helps me be productive. Until I figure out a regular time/place to blog, I’m afraid it’s going to be pretty sketchy for another couple of months. When I find time to write I have been favoring the screenplay. Hopefully that will be done soon, though, and I will certainly put my head back into blogland while transitioning to a new writing project.

The moving is huge. HUGE. I don’t have a font big enough to accurately represent to you the largeness of it. People do this all the time, but I’m not one of them. I’m not going to list all the rings of hell involved in moving as I have no interest in re-living it right now. Still, cathartically speaking, it’s all good. Having nine months of gestation is probably a better idea than having a Polaroid baby, and the process of dismantling, transitioning, and remantling a life is ultimately, I think, a pretty good idea.

The preparations for the new job are also fun and exciting. Teaching screenwriting is a terrific way to take stock of what I know (and don’t), how I learned it, and what might be useful to someone else. If the answers to these questions turn out to be “1-Not much, 2-I don’t remember, and 3-Less than they think,” then the challenge of filling up fourteen weeks of empty class-time will be very similar to filling the empty pages of a screenplay, which I already know how to do.

Anyhow, I’d like to thank everybody for checking in from time to time. I’ll make a point this week of going out and purchasing some Blog Bran in hopes of making my entries become more regular.

— Danny


Comment by E.C. Henry
2008-05-24 10:57:28

Would LOVE to take a screenwriting class from you Danny, any chance you’ll take your act to Bonney Lake, Washington anytime in the near future?

Hope things go well with the move. Look forward to new posts when time permits.

– E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Comment by Danny
2008-05-25 10:55:16

That’s awfully kind of you, E.C. Being a traveling lecturer is one of those lives I haven’t quite gotten to, yet, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

Comment by A Long
2008-06-06 19:00:51

Thanks for the update.

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