The Street Where I Live

Garcia Street looks different today. To my mind it’s one of the prettiest streets in Santa Fe.  The guys at the electric company do a mindless job every spring of cropping branches on the cottonwoods and Chinese elms lining the street.  There are so many talented sculptors and arborists and city planners in this area, […]

The end.

Where do you end a screenplay?  How do you know it’s done?   Here’s a perspective, as I have endings on my mind this week.  It began with a call from my father, telling me that my brother – my younger brother – had just suffered a stroke.  I know, right?  Scary stuff.  Is this an […]

Party Car

Imagine this situation: You are sitting on your front porch listening to the gentle sounds of the night, or having a pleasant conversation with your friend, or figuring something out on the guitar.   This is your situation.  If you don’t play the guitar, well, that explains why you’re trying so hard to figure something out. […]