The Magic of Friendship

I’m going to say something provocative and see if my friend Paul can be provoked. Paul is Paul Hannam, author of the just released blockbuster book The Magic of Groundhog Day. In the book Paul talks about such things as whether it is possible for people to break out of their unwanted repetitive patterns, and […]

The Gift of Groundhog Day

Can you feel it?  The Season is upon us.  We are one week away – G minus seven days.  Already my friends are nudging me – “It’s almost … you-know-what!” – the radio stations are calling – “We’re here with screenwriter Danny Rubin.  Danny, can you believe it’s been fifteen years since the movie came […]


Every now and then people send me specific questions about screenwriting, about Ghog Day, and about my very private personal life. Glad to share. In fact, I’ve just started a place on the blog for questions and answers (see above: “ask Danny”; “ask Phil.”)   Have a party. To kick off this new feature, here […]

Phil-osophy 1 – Intro to Edgeology

“Typically, I wake up in the morning and spread a couple of blankets out on the cliff’s side.  I have a cup of tea and watch the sun rise while meditating on the Giant Rock.”  Phil and I had just hiked to one of his favorite spots – a hidden canyon, where a great rock […]

Why I Write

I once wrote a screen adaptation – true story – of a novel written by Bill Maher.  Ben Stiller was the would-be director of the film.  The subject matter was Bill’s recollection of his first year as a stand-up comic.  Every part of this project was fantastic and, as I always do before embarking on […]