Delight at the end of the tunnel

Many people over the years have observed that Groundhog Day is a very spiritual movie, and have interpreted Phil’s journey as being towards enlightenment.   Very interesting.  I’ve just been reading a book about enlightenment.   Michael Hutchison is a paraplegic living in Santa Fe who recounts in this book his own amazing story.   At one time […]

I walk the line

Did you see me on TV, or read any of the articles? Here’s one from the Santa Fe New Mexican: That’s me, a member of the Writers Guild of America, West, walking a picket line – not in New York, not in L.A., but in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The New Mexico film industry […]

Embracing the Alligator

In my first draft of Groundhog Day I made a bigger meal of Phil’s need to escape and his inability to do so.  I wanted to show Phil going to the absolute limit.  He wasn’t going to be stuck in Punxsutawney without absolutely convincing himself that there was no other option.   So he took every […]

Forget Me Not

I’ve heard it said that all writing is autobiographical.  This is interesting because it suggests that, no matter what I write, no matter how far I go in creativity or fantasy, I cannot escape myself.  It also suggests that anything I write can teach me something about myself, perhaps something that I didn’t know to […]