Messing with Reality

I was fourteen or fifteen, and staying with family friends in Illinois over winter break. I was staying in an attic that had been converted into a bedroom, and I was slipping under the covers when the strangest thing happened: my legs went half way down the bed and stopped. I couldn’t extend my legs […]

The Story of Your Life

For years I kept hearing that screenwriters are storytellers. Screenplays are stories told with pictures. Story is the most important part of a screenplay. Blah blah blah. When I was a newcomer to the field this all struck me as odd and inaccurate and skewed. In thinking about my favorite movies I would rarely think […]

Hum Drum

The most useful thing I do every day is probably eating. I also consider working on a screenplay to be useful, and finishing one even more so. The most useless thing I do every day is to play the drums. I’ve come to drumming fairly recently. I’ve played guitar forever, tickled the ivories on and […]

It’s about time.

Is the movie Groundhog Day about time?  Is that a central theme? I glanced over at the Laboratory section of my website to see how people were answering the question, “What is Groundhog Day about?”  So far the answers have included transformation, getting it right, growing up, change, reincarnation, grace, self-actualization…. even “pastries”, which may […]

Phil’s walk on the Dark Side

In my blog entry on Chumps and Jerks, I got into a discussion with Al of Wisconsin about balance and weave – but Al also offered this: “Phil has his dark moments in the film. Many of them. Yet he has a core of decency. Many a lesser man might have gone on a homicidal […]

The Story of Bon vi Bon

It was a particularly beautiful fall weekend in Santa Fe and I took myself for a walk in the mountains. The air was crispy, the autumn colors were stunning, and I found my feet walking the familiar path to visit my old friend Phil Connors up in his cave. “So glad to see you!” said […]

Best day ever

For many people, the first and most obvious question following up a discussion on Groundhog Day is, “What was your best day ever?”  People ask me this all the time.  But the truth is I had never thought about it.  For me this was never the focus of the movie and it doesn’t relate very […]